Membership Plan

We want to help make great dental care more accessible, whether or not you have insurance. That’s why we offer yearly membership plans. By purchasing a membership plan, you’ll earn significant savings on the cost of your routine dental care, plus Up to 15% OFF any needed treatment on all other treatments!

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Annual Adult Membership Plan*

*For patients without periodontal disease.

Annual Child Membership Plan*

*For patients 16 and under.

*For patients without periodontal disease.

Annual Periodontal Membership Plan

*For patients with periodontal disease.

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Treatment Discounts

With insurance, patients are responsible for a certain percentage of restorative procedures (fillings, crowns, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and other treatments). Our plan works similarly – the membership covers preventive care, and we discount restorative treatments – but it’s better. There are no caps, no maximums, and no insurance company getting in the way of your oral health.

**This Dental Membership Plan is NOT dental insurance; it is a membership program for prepaid dental services offered by your dentist. The Plan and any discounts included do not cover procedures performed outside of our practice.

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